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The Mission of the Stewardship Ministry is: To be caretakers of all until Jesus’ return.


The PURPOSE OF THE MINISTRY is expressed in these words:

Jesus gave us a great responsibility in His Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30. Jesus told of a person leaving on a trip of unknown length. He called three servants and gave each varying amounts of his money. He essentially said, “Take care of these until I return.” Jesus’ words repeat the command God gave to humans in Genesis 1:26, to take care of this world. Two of the servants in the parable took what was given them, caring for it and they doubled it. The third simply hid the money, doing nothing with it.


This parable is Jesus entrusting us to be “caretakers” of all that we are and have in this world. The Stewardship Ministry takes this parable as Jesus’ word and command for us to be generous and responsible caretakers of our world, ourselves, our time, our gifts, our abilities, and our treasure.


Stewardship is care-taking. As Christians, we have been given marvelous and wonderful gifts. We encourage all members of First Lutheran Church of Aitkin to lift up their hands and hearts to treasure, hold, and care for all God’s gifts entrusted to us.


THE OBJECTIVES OF THE MINISTRY: We will become generous caretakers of all that Jesus has entrusted to us by:


1. Telling the stories of how we are taking care of all that Jesus has given us. We will do this through both worship and stewardship education.

2. Providing opportunities to the Congregation to be generous caretakers by inviting them to participate in:

a. Caring for our world through the Creation Care Committee;

b. Dedicating spiritual gifts, special talents, and unique abilities to serving our families, church ministries, and our community;

c. Committing to use of our time to further our personal Christian mission.


3. Inviting the Congregation to share our treasure by including them in:

a. Giving to weekly or monthly church offerings;

b. Pledging to an Annual Appeal to commit to our church mission and ministry;

c. Devoting funds to Extra Mile Giving: going the extra mile because it is an expression of love and caring;

d. Providing support to special giving opportunities.

e. Creating a legacy through a gift to the Mission Endowment Fund.


Present members are:

Doug Larson – Chair

Christine Bright – Secretary

Lowell Larson


Membership: at least 3 but no more than 5
Term: 3 years of initial term, may renew terms


The Ministry meets monthly or as necessary and reports to the Church Council




This ministry reports to the Congregation of First Lutheran Church of Aitkin and the Council and coordinates its efforts with the Pastors

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